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10 Hidden Messages Features in iOS 17

If you're an iPhone user, you're likely familiar with the Messages . However, with the release of iOS 17 last year, introduced a revamped interface for the Messages that includes a host of hidden functions and customization options that might not be immediately apparent to the average user. To help you make the most of these features, we've compiled a list of 10 tips that will enhance your Message experience. 

One of the tips we'd like to highlight is the new way to access your photo library. In previous versions of iOS, you had to tap the Photos icon in the row of apps below the text input field to access your Camera Roll. However, in iOS 17, the Photos button is no longer visible, which might make it seem like you need to tap the + button to the left of the text field to reveal the option. Thankfully, has provided an easier way to access your photos. If you press and hold the + button, you will be taken directly to your photo library, where you can select the pictures you want to send. 

Another useful feature in iOS 17 is the ability to customize the order of the apps in the column of options that appears when you tap the “+” button in Messages. By default, the apps are arranged in a specific order, but you can move your most-used apps nearer to the top and even bring up more apps from the “More” section to the first screen of options. To move an to a new location, press and hold on its icon, then drag it to your preferred location and let go.

Additionally, iOS 17 introduced a swipe-to-reply feature that speeds up the process of replying to a specific chat bubble in the Messages . To use this feature, select an iMessage conversation, find the message you want to respond to and swipe right on it. The selected message will be highlighted, and a text box will appear, allowing you to type your reply and hit Send.

Other tips on our list include:

  • Turning Live Photos into Live Stickers.
  • Pinning conversations to the top of your Messages inbox.
  • Using the “Tapback” feature to quickly respond to a message with a pre-made reaction.

These hidden features and customization options in iOS 17 can make your Message experience more convenient and enjoyable.

Want to read more? Check out the original article at MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – All Stories!

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