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APT28 Exploits Vulnerability in Windows Print Spooler Component to Deliver New Malware


, or Advanced Persistent Threat 28, is a group believed to be affiliated with the . The group has been active since at least 2007 and has been associated with several high-profile cyberattacks, including the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee.


According to reports, used a in the component to gain initial access to target systems. The flaw, which Microsoft has since patched, allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code with system-level privileges.

Once the hackers accessed a system, they deployed their post-compromise tool, GooseEgg. The malware is said to have been designed to evade detection and analysis by security software. It operates by stealing sensitive information and exfiltrating it to a remote server controlled by the attackers.

Although the exact nature of the information targeted by is not precise, the group's primary targets are believed to be government agencies, military organizations, and defense contractors.


's exploitation of this highlights the ongoing threat of nation-state hackers. These groups often have access to sophisticated tools and techniques that bypass even the most robust security measures.

Companies and organizations should protect themselves against these types of attacks. This includes keeping software updated with the latest patches and security updates, implementing strong access controls and monitoring solutions, and conducting regular security audits.

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