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Authorities are now trolling a previously dominant ransomware group after years of defeats.

International authorities have finally managed to outsmart the criminals who have been causing chaos and distress to their victims for years. The US, UK, and Europol authorities recently took down most of the infrastructure belonging to LockBit. This notorious syndicate has extorted over $120 million from thousands of victims worldwide. Following the takedown, the authorities seized most of the sites LockBit used to shame its victims, pressure them into paying, and boast about their prowess.

The seized infrastructure also hosted decryptors that victims could use to recover their data, which was a significant win for the authorities and the victims of LockBit. However, the authorities did not stop at that; they used the seized name-and-shame site to gloat over the incredible extent of the system access they had gained. Several showed that the authorities had control of /etc/shadow. This file stores cryptographically hashed passwords, which are among the most security-sensitive files in and can be accessed only by a user with root access and the highest level of system privileges.

Moreover, the images demonstrated that investigators completely controlled the main panel and LockBit operators' system to communicate with affiliates and victims. The seized site also teased the upcoming doxing of LockbitSupp, the moniker of the central LockBit figure, which was undoubtedly a significant blow to the syndicate.

The authorities seized control of 14,000 accounts and 34 servers worldwide, including the Netherlands, Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, Australia, the US, and the UK. They also arrested two LockBit suspects in Poland and Ukraine, issued five indictments and three arrest warrants, and froze 200 cryptocurrency accounts linked to the operation.

The authorities' success in taking down LockBit was a significant milestone in the fight against , and it sends a strong message to other syndicates that they will not get away with their crimes. The authorities deserve commendation for their hard work and dedication to making the Internet safer.

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