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Burpsuite & Autorize

application security testing is crucial for protecting online assets. One of the leading tools in this area is Burp Suite, which has been used by safety professionals and ethical for many years. The security testing extension “Autorize” has been developed to improve its capabilities. It offers robust features to simplify the authentication and authorization testing process.

Authorization and authentication are the two fundamental processes at the heart of Autorize. Authorization refers to a system's methods to grant or revoke permission to access specific data or actions. At the same time, authentication is the process by which individuals or systems authenticate themselves as being who they claim to be.

Autorize primarily focuses on identifying authorization-related and can detect various issues that could lead to unauthorized access to resources or actions. For instance, it can uncover issues where user roles or permissions are not properly enforced, allowing users to access functionality or data they shouldn't have access to. It can also identify cases where an attacker can navigate directly to restricted areas of the application by manipulating URLs.

To get the most out of Autorize, it must be configured correctly, and tests must be carried out thoroughly. The extension captures all requests and changes the administrator cookie with the user's cookies when browsing an application, then sends them to the server. It will then analyze the server's response and highlight any requests that have been bypassed or enforced.

To install Autorize, you can download it from the Bapp Store and install it. You'll need to install “Jython” first, as the extension is built in . Once installed, you can access the Autorize tab and navigate through the Request/Response Viewers and Configuration tabs.

Overall, Autorize is a valuable tool for identifying potential in applications and can help ensure your online assets are secure.

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