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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

In recent years, healthcare organizations have become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are more daring than ever, targeting smaller healthcare organizations for big payouts. attacks, which hold computer systems hostage in exchange for payment, have become prevalent. These attacks can have devastating real-world consequences, as hospitals in several states experienced during a attack on Thanksgiving Day in 2023.

attacks, which involve fraudulent emails that attempt to solicit personal information, are another prevalent means of attack. More than 90% of cyberattacks on healthcare organizations are scams.

The frequency of these attacks is concerning, as healthcare organizations provide critical care to their patients. In addition to the potential harm to patients, healthcare organizations can face significant financial burdens from cyberattacks. HIPAA fines can be particularly debilitating, potentially reaching tens of thousands of dollars per violation.

Unfortunately, healthcare organizations face a tricky balancing act between providing high-quality patient care and investing in advanced measures. With more endpoints to secure and fewer resources to do so, healthcare organizations are easier targets for cybercriminals. Healthcare organizations must prioritize to protect themselves, their patients, and their sensitive data.

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