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Dormant PyPI Package Compromised to Spread Nova Sentinel Malware

A recent report reveals that a previously dormant Python package available on the Python Package Index () repository was updated with an information-stealing called Nova Sentinel. The package named django-log-tracker was initially published to in April 2022. It remained untouched for nearly two years until software supply chain security firm Phylum detected a suspicious update on February 21, 2024.

Although the linked repository for the package has yet to be updated since April 10, 2022, the introduction of a malicious update suggests a possible compromise of the account belonging to the developer. The package has been downloaded 3,866 times, with the rogue version (1.0.4) downloaded 107 times when it was published. However, the package is no longer available for download from .

According to Phylum, the attacker who made the malicious update stripped the package of most of its original content, leaving only an and file behind. The changes made were simple and self-explanatory, involving fetching an executable named “Updater_1.4.4_x64.exe” from a remote server (“45.88.180[.]54”), followed by launching it using the Python os.startfile() function.

The binary, for its part, comes embedded with Nova Sentinel, an information-stealing first documented by Sekoia in November 2023 as being distributed as fake Electron on bogus sites that offer video game downloads.

Phylum has noted that what is particularly interesting about this particular case is that the attack vector appears to be an attempted supply-chain attack via a compromised account. If the package had been more popular, any project listed as a dependency without a specific version or a flexible version specified in its dependency file would have pulled the latest, malicious version of the package.

This incident serves as another reminder of the persistent threat that supply-chain attacks can pose to and the importance of vigilance and comprehensive security measures in protecting software supply chains.

Want to read more? Check out the original article available at The Hacker News!

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