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Edge is faster on Macs with M2

has always been focused on delivering the best possible performance for its browser. Recently, the company has implemented Profile-Guided Optimizations (PGO) for Macs with M2 to enhance the browsing experience further. PGO is a compiler optimization technique that utilizes profiling to improve program runtime performance. This new feature has resulted in up to 20% improvements in crucial browser benchmarks, which is a significant boost for users.

Moreover, is proud to announce that the Speedometer score on Macs with M2 has now crossed the 500 mark. These tests were conducted on a Mac Mini with M2, and the results have been impressive. The Speedometer 2.1 benchmark tool is commonly used to measure browser responsiveness. It is an excellent benchmark for assessing overall website performance.

Apart from Speedometer, other browser benchmarks have also shown improvements. MotionMark 1.2 is a graphical browser test suite designed to measure the rendering performance of complex webpages containing many graphics and animations, such as Excel Online. JetStream, however, estimates how quickly browsers can start and run code. It's a great way to evaluate a browser's responsiveness to code-intensive websites. These benchmarking tools are used by many browsers to determine how well they perform at running tasks that correlate to real-world user experiences.

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