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Epic Games Plans for Alternative App Marketplace in EU as Apple Reinstates Developer Account

In its latest announcement, Epic Games has revealed its plan to bring the Epic Games Store to iOS in the European Union. This comes after reinstated the developer account of the company in its 2023 Year in Review. Epic Games has stated that it will an alternative app marketplace, and the Epic Games Store will launch on iOS in the EU in 2024. The move will allow Epic Games to bring Fortnite back to iOS, which was removed from the App Store at the start of the Epic Games v. feud in 2020. Since then, the game has only been accessible through browser-based services such as Xbox Cloud and GeForce NOW.

Epic Games also plans to argue to the courts and regulators that is breaking the . This is in response to 's plan to comply with the DMA, which Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has criticized as a “devious new instance of Malicious Compliance.” Sweeney also condemned Apple's attempt to twist the process to undermine competition and continue imposing taxes on transactions they're not involved in.

Meanwhile, Apple has introduced a new feature called Stolen Device Protection in its recent iOS 17.3 software update. The feature is designed to prevent thieves from stealing iPhone users' devices by spying on their passcodes before stealing them, which often happens in public places like bars. With knowledge of the passcode, the thief can change the victim's Apple ID password and turn off the device.

In addition, Apple updated its App Store Review Guidelines in October 2022 to clarify that sales of “boosted” posts in social media must use the App Store's in-app purchase system. As a result of this clarification, Meta announced that it will soon charge advertisers a 30% fee when they purchase boosted posts through the Facebook and Instagram .

Finally, there are rumors and expectations for iOS 18, which will be unveiled shortly. While details are still scarce, the new software update is believed to bring many new features and improvements to the Apple ecosystem.

Want to read more? Check out the original article at MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors – All Stories!

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