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Gemini image generation got it wrong

Recently, launched a new feature in its conversational app, Gemini (previously known as Bard), which enables users to generate images of people. Unfortunately, the feature didn't work as expected, and some of the users reported that the generated images weren't accurate and some were even offensive. apologized for any inconvenience this might have caused and thanked users for their feedback.

It's important to note that the Gemini conversational app is a separate product from 's other models or products, such as Search. The image generation feature was built on top of an model called Imagen 2. When creating the feature, took great care to ensure that it didn't generate violent or sexually explicit images or depict real people. Additionally, wanted to ensure the feature worked well for everyone, regardless of ethnicity or cultural background.

However, two things that needed to be corrected. Firstly, failed to account for cases where the feature should not have shown a range of people. Secondly, the model became overly cautious and refused to answer some prompts entirely, even wrongly interpreting some innocuous prompts as sensitive. These two issues led to overcompensation, resulting in some embarrassing and inaccurate images.

In response to these issues, has temporarily paused the image generation feature of people in Gemini to work on an improved version. The team will conduct extensive testing before turning the feature back on. It's important to note that Google did not intend for Gemini to create inaccurate images or refuse to create images of any particular group. The company acknowledges that Gemini is only sometimes reliable, especially when generating pictures or text about current events, evolving news, or hot-button topics. Google is continuously working on improving the accuracy of its LLMs.

In conclusion, Google appreciates the feedback it has received from its users, and the company will continue to work hard to ensure that Gemini provides accurate and safe responses to all prompts. Google is committed to improving its models' accuracy and will take all necessary steps to ensure its users get the best experience possible.

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