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Google Malvertising Campaign Disguises Malware as IP Scanner Software

campaigns are a growing concern for internet users and businesses alike. In recent years, they have become increasingly sophisticated, using clever techniques to trick users into downloading and installing on their devices. One such campaign has recently been discovered, which disguises as IP scanner software.

What is IP scanner software?

IP scanner software is a tool used to scan networks for connected devices and their respective IP addresses. This information can be helpful for network administrators who need to manage their network's resources. Several legitimate IP scanner software tools are available on the market, making it easier for threat actors to disguise their as legitimate software.

How does the campaign work?

The Google malvertising campaign leverages a cluster of domains that appear to mimic legitimate IP scanner software. The behind the campaign used typosquatting techniques to register multiple domains that look similar to the actual IP scanner software. They then used Google Ads to push these domains to the top of search engine results for specific search keywords, making them more likely to be clicked by unsuspecting users.

Once users click on one of these domains, they are directed to a website that prompts them to download and install the IP scanner software. However, the software is a MadMxShell backdoor, allowing the to remotely control the infected device.

How can you protect yourself?

To protect yourself from this campaign, it is essential to be vigilant and cautious when downloading software from the internet. Only download software from reputable sources, and avoid clicking on links or downloading software from unknown sources. It is also recommended that you keep your anti-virus software up to date and regularly scan your device for .

The Google malvertising campaign reminds us of the growing threat of and the importance of proactively protecting your devices and data. By staying vigilant and taking the necessary precautions, you can help protect yourself and your business from these threats.

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