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Groodles: Art Therapy App for Stress Relief & Self-Discovery | 73% Off – Expires June 14, 2024

Expires June 14, 2024, 06:59 PST – Buy now and get 73% off


Groodles makes mindfulness fun with therapeutic art-based exercises.

From exercises made with accessibility in mind to hundreds of original artwork to a minimal yet powerful canvas, Groodles brings non-clinical art therapy to the masses. There is no need to be an ; Groodles is for everyone. 

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed? Do you find expressing your emotions challenging or discovering effective coping mechanisms for complicated feelings? Groodles' art therapy app is designed to assist you. Art therapy is a potent means of self-expression, aiding individuals in processing emotions and enhancing mental well-being. The app offers a secure and encouraging environment to delve into your creativity and utilize art as a healing tool. On Groodles, creativity and healing converge seamlessly.

Unlock a world of benefits

Emotion release through art: When words fail, art provides a outlet for expressing your emotions

Stress relief & relaxation: Groodles offers exercises to unwind, alleviating stress and promoting relaxation

Nurturing creativity: Keep your spark alive by engaging the imaginative parts of your mind

Reclaim control & freedom: a renewed sense of independence & self-sufficiency through Groodles' exercises

Fostering positive perspectives: Cultivate optimism & gratitude towards life with Groodles' activities

Child-friendly emotional support: Ideal for children navigating emotions, Groodles provides a safe space to process feelings without overwhelm

Self-discovery journey: Uncover hidden aspects of yourself & gain insights into your emotions through Groodles' exercises

Boost self-esteem: Achieve a sense of accomplishment, enhancing self-appreciation & confidence through the process

Content that's built for accessibility

Hours worth of content that you can come to again & again
100s of original artwork that act as a helpful reference for your journey
All the content is designed to make clinical art therapy accessible for all in a self-guided manner
Quick exercises that you can use as a positive distraction
Exercises that you can build as daily habits. From journaling in the morning to bedtime exercises!
Holistic themes ensure you get to introspect on all aspects of your life
Series on themes such as anxiety and body positivity

Groodles features made with love

All offline
Dark mode support
Support for landscape & portrait resolutions
Unique, hand-drawn badges & progress tracking
A supportive community
A minimal yet powerful canvas that you can customize for a zen
Audio Instructions & a lot more!


System Requirements

: iOS 16.0 or later
: macOS 11.0 or later
Mac with M1 chip or later

Important Details

Length of access: lifetime
Redemption deadline: Redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
Access options: desktop &
Max number of device(s): 1
Version: 1.7 and up
Updates included
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