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Highlights from Git 2.44

The Git project has just released a new version, Git 2.44, featuring a range of updates and bug fixes contributed by more than 85 , including 34 new contributors. Since the last update on Git, when version 2.43 was released, many exciting features and changes have been introduced. Let's take a closer look at some of these updates to celebrate this latest release.

One of the most notable features of Git 2.44 is the faster pack generation with multi-pack reuse. Suppose you've ever paid attention to Git's output when pushing or pulling a repository to/from . In that case, you may have noticed the “pack-reused” number at your output's end. This number indicates how much of the pack could stream to the cloner by reusing sections of an already existing pack instead of generating a new pack on the fly.

When Git sends objects to the client, server, or itself (when repacking), it needs to generate a packfile containing the objects being transferred. To save time during this process, Git can reuse sections of an existing packfile byte-for-byte when developing the new pack to send to the client. This is called verbatim pack-reuse, and it can significantly reduce the time it takes to clone a repository.

In the earlier example, the “pack-reused” number indicated that could reuse 360,290 objects from disk without re-opening and searching for new deltas. This is a great , but there are a couple of restrictions on how often Git can use this optimization. For instance, pack files cannot contain the same object more than once, so Git needs to be careful not to reuse sections of a pack that would result in duplication.

Overall, the faster pack generation with multi-pack reuse is a welcome addition to Git 2.44, and it shows that the Git project is committed to improving the performance and efficiency of this powerful version control system.

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