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How AI can strengthen digital security

Google has announced the launch of its Cyber Defense Initiative aimed at revolutionizing cybersecurity and utilizing to reverse the “Defender's Dilemma.” The Defender's Dilemma refers to the constant battle that security professionals have been fighting against cybercriminals and state-sponsored attackers, where most of the preventative measures, patches, and public awareness campaigns can only mitigate yesterday's threats, not the ones waiting in the wings. Google believes that represents a turning point for digital security and has released a report entitled “Secure, Empower, Advance: How Can Reverse the Defender's Dilemma” to support its Cyber Defense Initiative.

According to the report, more than 40% of people view better security as a top application for . The report also highlights that is at a crossroads, one where policymakers, security professionals, and civil society can finally tip the cybersecurity balance from attackers to cyber defenders. As malicious actors are experimenting with , Google believes that bold and timely action is required to shape the direction of this technology.

The main challenge in cybersecurity has been that attackers need just one successful, novel threat to break through the best defenses. On the other hand, Defenders must always deploy the best defenses across increasingly complex digital terrain, and there's no margin for error. This is where can make a significant impact. Through the Cyber Defense Initiative, Google is committed to investing in an AI-ready infrastructure, releasing new tools for defenders, and launching new research and AI security training. These commitments are designed to help AI secure, empower, and advance our collective digital future.

Google also calls for AI security technologies to be secure by design and default, just like other technologies. The company has started the Secure AI Framework to collaborate on best practices for securing AI systems. In addition, Google continues investing in its secure, AI-ready network of global data centers to foster a more secure AI ecosystem.

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