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LockBit Ransomware Group Resurfaces After Law Enforcement Takedown

The group responsible for the LockBit attack reappeared on the dark with new infrastructure just days after an international enforcement operation took control of their servers. The group has moved their portal to a new .onion address on the TOR network and has listed 12 new victims. In a follow-up message, the administrator of LockBit admitted that their websites were likely seized due to a known in PHP but also claimed that the FBI hacked their infrastructure in retaliation for a attack on Fulton County in January. The group also called for more attacks on the “.gov sector” and attempted to discredit enforcement agencies. In a separate incident, enforcement has arrested three individuals connected to the SugarLocker group, who were operating under the guise of a legitimate IT firm. The group has been actively recruiting new employees and seeking better SEO. 

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