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Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 01/12/24

New module content (1)

Author: Pasquale ‘sid' FiorilloType: PostPull request: #18604 contributed by siddoloPath: /gather/credentials/winbox_settings

Description: This pull request introduces a new post module to extract the Mikrotik Winbox credentials, which are saved in the settings.cfg.viw file when the “Keep Password” option is selected in Winbox.

Enhancements and features (7)

#18515 from errorxyz – This PR adds a Java target for the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus exploit -2022-47966 using the payload mentioned in this blogpost and deletes the log file that records the error due to the exploit to make it more stealthy.
#18672 from h00die – Fix spelling mistakes in 's library folder.
#18673 from h00die – Fix spelling mistakes in 's scripts folder.
#18674 from h00die – Fix spelling mistakes in 's plugins folder.
#18675 from h00die – Fix spelling mistakes in 's tools folder.
#18679 from h00die – Fix spelling mistakes in 's auxiliary modules.
#18691 from zeroSteiner console now requires an installed version of apktool greater than or equal to v2.9.2.

Bugs fixed (5)

#18656 from dwelch-r7 – Enforces all modules to be loaded as part of reload_all when the defer_module_loads feature is enabled.
#18666 from zeroSteiner – Fixes a crash when running the save command to save 's configuration.
#18667 from zeroSteiner – Re-adds the #sysinfo instance method for sessions.
#18669 from sjanusz-r7 – Updates the favorites command to no longer output an empty message when a chosen module does not have custom datastore values available.
#18690 from sjanusz-r7 – Ensures that a target's default payload is correctly chosen when selecting a module from the search command.


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