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MITRE Corporation Discloses Cyber Attack by Nation-State in 2024

Timeline of Events

MITRE's official statement stated that the attack on their network began in January 2024. The unknown adversary used two zero-day in Connect Secure appliances to access MITRE's . The attackers could move laterally across the network and exfiltrate data several months before MITRE discovered the breach.

Impact of the Attack

The attackers compromised MITRE's , which is used for unclassified research and prototyping. The breach resulted in the loss of sensitive research data, including related to -funded projects. The attackers also had access to MITRE's internal systems and potentially sensitive information about their clients.


MITRE has not publicly attributed the attack to a specific nation-state actor. However, security experts speculate that a nation-state with advanced cyber capabilities may have carried out the attack. The sophistication of the attack and the use of two zero-day suggest that the attackers were well-resourced and highly skilled.

Response and Mitigation

MITRE responded quickly to the breach and worked with enforcement and experts to investigate the incident. They have implemented additional security measures to prevent similar attacks in the future. MITRE has also notified their clients and partners of the incident and advised them to take appropriate precautions.

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