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New AcidPour Malware Targeting Linux x86 Devices: What You Need to Know

Recently, a new variant of data-wiping , AcidRain, has been discovered targeting x86 devices. This new variant, dubbed , has been explicitly compiled for x86 devices and is a significant departure from the original AcidRain codebase. The , which is designed to target RAID arrays and Unsorted Block Image (UBI) file systems, adds specific file paths to its code, such as “/dev/dm-XX” and “/dev/ubiXX”. These file paths allow the to recursively iterate over standard directories in most distributions, effectively wiping the filesystem and known storage device files.

According to Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade of SentinelOne, AcidRain was first detected during the Russo-Ukrainian war. It was used to target KA-SAT modems from the U.S. satellite company Viasat. The attack was attributed to Russia by the Five Eyes nations, Ukraine, and the European Union. This variant, however, is different from the original AcidRain and is specifically designed to target x86 devices.

It is currently unclear who the intended victims of are. Still, SentinelOne has notified Ukrainian agencies and is working to determine the scale of the attacks. This discovery highlights the continued use of wiper by threat actors to cripple their targets. It is a stark reminder of the need for increased cybersecurity measures and vigilance, especially in the face of growing cyber threats worldwide.

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