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New Information Stealer Found Leveraging Lua Bytecode for Added Stealth


McAfee Labs has reported the discovery of a new information stealer that uses to evade detection and analysis. The malware, identified as a variant of the known , has been associated with a previously identified command-and-control (C2) server IP address. McAfee Labs warns that using could indicate a new trend in malware development.

What is ?

RedLine Stealer is a malware designed to steal sensitive information from infected systems. It is typically distributed via email phishing campaigns and vulnerabilities in software or operating systems. Once installed, the malware can steal passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data.

How does the new variant work?

The new variant of RedLine Stealer uses to enhance its stealth and sophistication. Lua is a lightweight programming language often used in video games and other applications. Using , the malware can avoid detection and analysis using traditional . It also makes it harder for security researchers to reverse engineer the malware and identify its source code.

What are the implications?

The use of in this new variant of RedLine Stealer suggests that malware developers are becoming more sophisticated in their techniques. As traditional becomes less effective against new threats, cybersecurity professionals must develop new tools and methods to detect and mitigate these attacks. The discovery of this new variant of RedLine Stealer underscores the need for ongoing research and development in cybersecurity.

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