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New Security Vulnerabilities Discovered in JetBrains TeamCity On-Premises Software

JetBrains TeamCity On-Premises software has identified two new security vulnerabilities, which could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to take control of affected systems. The vulnerabilities, categorized as -2024-27198 (CVSS score: 9.8) and -2024-27199 (CVSS score: 7.3), have been fixed in version 2023.11.4. It should be noted that all TeamCity On-Premises versions through 2023.11.3 are susceptible to this .

According to the JetBrains advisory, these vulnerabilities could enable an unauthenticated attacker with HTTP(S) access to a TeamCity server to bypass authentication checks and gain administrative control. While TeamCity Cloud instances have already been patched against these issues, JetBrains reported that Rapid7 discovered and reported the problems on February 20, 2024.

The authentication bypass (-2024-27198) could ultimately permit unauthenticated, remote attackers to compromise a susceptible server. A successful compromise of a TeamCity server would allow the attacker complete control over all TeamCity projects, builds, agents, and artifacts, making it a suitable vector for performing a supply chain attack.

The second vulnerability (-2024-27199) is also an authentication bypass flaw. It stems from a path traversal issue that can allow unauthenticated attackers to replace the HTTPS certificate in a vulnerable TeamCity server with a certificate of their choosing via the “//https/settings/uploadCertificate” endpoint and even alter the HTTPS service's port number. A threat actor could this vulnerability to perform a denial-of-service attack against the TeamCity server by changing the HTTPS port number or uploading a certificate that will fail client-side validation. Alternatively, the uploaded certificate could be used for adversary-in-the-middle scenarios if the clients trust it.

While JetBrains already fixed the previous -2024-23917 vulnerability, it is essential for users to immediately update their TeamCity servers to the latest version, 2023.11.4, given that the security vulnerabilities in JetBrains TeamCity were actively exploited by North Korean and threat actors last year.

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