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Protecting Identities in SaaS Applications: Strategies to Defend Against Cyber Threats

The latest target for cybercriminals is identities, specifically those found in SaaS applications. These identities include human and non-human, such as service accounts, API keys, and OAuth authorizations. This makes SaaS applications vulnerable to attacks, leading to data breaches, compliance violations, and financial losses.

While measures like multi-factor identification and single sign-on (SSO) can protect human identities, protecting non-human identities is more challenging. These accounts often have high privileges and are not associated with any individual employee, making MFA and SSO impractical. As a result, non-human identities are frequently overlooked, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

To protect against these threats, advanced methods such as automated security checks must be deployed to detect unusual activity. Tools like ITDR can provide a defensive layer to protect enterprises from attacks. In an upcoming webinar, Maor Bin, CEO and co-founder of Adaptive Shield, will discuss the risks posed by identities in SaaS applications and how to defend against them through a strong identity security posture.

Join us for this informative webinar to learn about the new attack , identity-centric threats, and how to manage identities through SSPM and ITDR. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and protect your organization from evolving . Register now to reserve your spot. 

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