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Signal Introduces Usernames

Signal, the popular end-to-end encrypted messaging , has announced a new feature that enables users to create unique usernames distinct from profile names and keep their phone numbers private from strangers. The feature is an opt-in one, which means users can choose to activate it if they prefer to chat anonymously without disclosing their phone numbers.

According to Randall Sarafa, a spokesperson for Signal, the new feature will make phone numbers invisible by default to everyone a user chats with, except for those who already have the user's phone number in their phone's contacts. When users create a new username, they must add two or more numbers to the end, such as axolotl.99, to ensure that usernames are egalitarian and prevent spoofing.

It is worth noting that usernames are not logins or handles but rather an anonymous way to initiate conversations on the chat platform without sharing phone numbers. The feature allows users to control who can find them by their phone numbers using another setting, which restricts people from messaging them even if they have the phone numbers.

The new feature can be toggled via the following steps: Settings > > Phone Number > Who Can See My Number > Everybody / Nobody Settings > > Phone Number > Who Can Find Me By Number > Everybody / Nobody. Users can change usernames as often as they want, but they need to know that usernames are not handles or logins.

Signal is hiding users' phone numbers by default from people who do not have them saved in their phone's contacts. This feature is designed to protect users' and to prevent unsolicited messages from strangers.

Want to read more? Check out the original article available at The Hacker News!

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