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c sharp

Quicksort in c#

Quicksort is a widely used, high-performance sorting algorithm based on the "divide and conquer" approach. The algorithm begins by selecting a pivot element from the array. This pivot element is used as a reference point to partition the array into two subarrays: one consisting of elements that are less than or equal to the pivot…

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c sharp

C# Delegates

Delegates are a powerful feature in C# programming that enables developers to encapsulate methods and reference them in a type-safe manner. They are pointers to methods that can be assigned and passed around like any other variable. Delegates provide a flexible way to implement callback functions, event handlers, and other similar mechanisms in C#, making…

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Writing Maintainable Secure Code in C#

Sanitize Sanitizing strings is critical in any programming language, including C#. Keeping your application secure and free from malicious content is essential. To start with, let's understand what sanitizing strings means. Sanitizing removes or replaces unwanted, harmful, or sensitive information from a string. This information could include HTML tags, SQL injection characters, or other special…

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c sharp

Bubble Sort in C#

Sorting algorithms are crucial in computer science and programming as they enable efficient data management. Among the various sorting algorithms, the Bubble Sort algorithm is one of the most straightforward and practical. In this blog post, we will delve into the fundamentals of bubble sorting using the popular C# programming language. Bubble sort is a…

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