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Introducing Secure Code Game Season 2 with JavaScript, Python, Go, and GitHub Actions

In March 2023, we introduced the Secure Code Game, a groundbreaking in-repo learning experience that revolutionized developers' use of secure coding practices. This innovative platform allows players to delve into intentionally vulnerable code and apply their skills to rectify security flaws, ultimately promoting a culture of cybersecurity awareness and best practices. Since its launch, the…

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DevEx increases productivity.

We now have data validating the benefits of developer experience (DevEx). Developers require a good DevEx to solve complex tasks, collaborate with peers, and unleash their creativity, so providing one is a smart business move. This is something we hear from customers all the time. However, conversations often halt when executives ask for complex data…

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To FLOW or not to FLOW

Experiencing the flow state is a dream come true. You effortlessly generate ideas, and nothing else seems to matter as you lose track of time and space. You have a clear direction, and each move you make seems to be perfect. This state of mind is called the flow state or being in the flow.…

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