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Malicious AI Models Discovered in Hugging Face Platform: Security Threats and Risks of Prompt Injection

A security firm, JFrog, has discovered around 100 malicious artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) models on the Hugging Face platform. These models contain code execution issues, where loading a pickle file can lead to the attacker gaining complete control over the victim's machine via a backdoor. The payload of the rogue model allows the attacker…

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Banking trojans are focusing on Latin America and Europe using Google Cloud Run as their platform of choice.

Cybersecurity researchers have recently warned about a significant rise in email phishing campaigns utilizing the Google Cloud Run service to propagate various banking trojans across Latin America (LATAM) and Europe. The trojans include Astaroth (also known as Guildma), Mekotio, and Ousaban (also known as Javali), delivered to selected targets. Cisco Talos researchers have disclosed that…

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