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The Magnet Goblin Hacker Group is using 1-day exploits to deploy the Nerbian RAT.

Cybersecurity threats have risen in recent years, with malicious actors constantly developing new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities in organizational systems. One such threat actor group that has recently come to light is Magnet Goblin. This group is known for rapidly incorporating newly discovered security vulnerabilities into their tactics, specifically targeting edge devices and public-facing services.…

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A recent banking trojan named CHAVECLOAK is focusing on Brazilian users by using phishing methods.

Cybersecurity researchers at Fortinet FortiGuard Labs have identified a new banking trojan targeting users in Brazil. The trojan, CHAVECLOAK, is being distributed through phishing emails containing PDF attachments. According to Cara Lin, a researcher at Fortinet FortiGuard Labs, the trojan uses DLL side-loading techniques to execute the final malware. The attack chain starts with DocuSign…

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Tax-themed Phishing Campaign Targets Mexican Users with TimbreStealer Malware

According to Cisco Talos, a previously undocumented Windows malware called TimbreStealer has been used in a phishing campaign that targets Mexican users and has been active since at least November 2023. The phishing campaign uses tax-themed lures and employs advanced obfuscation techniques to bypass detection and ensure persistence. The campaign also utilizes geofencing to target…

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A new IDAT Loader is utilizing steganography to distribute the Remcos RAT through malicious attacks.

The cybersecurity world has been rocked by the news that Ukrainian entities based in Finland have been singled out as part of a malicious campaign to distribute the Remcos RAT, a commercial remote access trojan. The attack, attributed to a threat actor known as UAC-0184 and tracked by the Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine…

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