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Tesla Cybertruck Engineer Addresses Rust Problem

The automotive community has been excited over the launch of Tesla's revolutionary electric vehicle, the Cybertruck. However, despite the vehicle's futuristic and impressive specifications, concerns regarding the formation of rust on its stainless-steel body have emerged, capturing the attention of enthusiasts and critics alike.

An experienced Cybertruck engineer, Wes Morrill, has been approached to address these claims, backed by insights from Tesla's CEO Elon Musk and the YouTube community. He has shed light on the realities of maintaining this avant-garde pickup truck, assuring owners that the presence of rust specks does not signal a fundamental flaw in the vehicle's or material quality.

The onset of rust rumors began when new Cybertruck owners noticed tiny, orange specks on their vehicle's bodies. These observations were quickly shared on social media and forums, with one owner recounting a warning received upon delivery about the vehicle's propensity to rust marks in rainy conditions.

This has led to speculation and concern over the durability and maintenance of Tesla's electric venture into the pickup truck market, with price tags reaching up to $99,900.

To clear the air, Morrill, who has over a decade of experience at Tesla, took to X to clarify the situation. Morrill said the rust was not a consequence of the stainless-steel body deteriorating but rather contamination. These tiny, pinhead-sized specks were attributed to metal particles that could have adhered to the truck during manufacturing or transportation.

Morrill emphasized that this phenomenon did not indicate a flaw in the vehicle's stainless-steel structure but could be easily remedied with proper cleaning. Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed Morrill's clarifications with a single word, “Yeah,” bolstering the company's stance.

The Bearded Tesla Guy, Justin Demaree, also added to the discourse with a detailed video explaining the nature of these rust specks. He described them as “rust dust,” likely originating from metal-on-metal contacts, such as that found in railway transportation or within automotive factories.

Demaree's firsthand experience with a newly delivered Cybertruck showcased the effectiveness of specific cleaning methods, notably recommending Bar Keepers Friend and Citrisurf 77, echoing Morrill's advice.

The choice of stainless steel for the Cybertruck's exterior is a bold departure from automotive norms, not seen since the days of the Delorean. While offering durability and a distinctive finish, this material comes with its maintenance challenges, including susceptibility to smudging and the very issue of contamination discussed.

For Cybertruck owners and enthusiasts, it is essential to note that the presence of rust specks does not signal a fundamental flaw in the vehicle's or material quality. Instead, it is a maintenance aspect that can be managed with the right approach and products.

Morrill's and Demaree's insights provide a practical roadmap for keeping the Cybertruck's stainless steel body in pristine condition, ensuring that this electric marvel continues to turn heads for its cutting- and performance rather than rust spots.

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