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TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-In Cable, LCD Display & 8,000mAh Qi Power Bank for $69

Expires April 03, 2124, 20:15 PST – Buy now and get 46% off


The TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter & Power Bank with Jump Guide got a first-to-market upgrade, an integrated USB-C cable for drivers constantly on the go. In addition, the top deck of the portable jump starter includes a built-in wireless charging pad for Qi-enabled wireless charging devices.

The TYPE S portable jump box has LED lighting to keep you safer during a breakdown. In addition to the multimode LED flashlight, this portable jump starter has two red emergency hazard LEDs that flash, strobe, or display emergency Morse Code light patterns if you are in distress. An integrated LCD screen displays step-by-step jump-starting instructions to get you back on the road. Connect the jumper cables and follow the on-screen Jump Guide prompts.

The UL-certified jump starter is also designed with many safety features, including polarity protection, over-discharge protection, low voltage protection, reverse charging protection, short-circuit protection, overheat protection, temperature control protection, and more. The TYPE S multipurpose jump box is an 8,000mAh portable power bank, which will keep USB-A and USB-C mobile devices and laptops charged on the go.

Built-in Lightning charging cable: Conveniently stored under the top flap of the power bank

Qi-wireless charging pad: Put your phone on top & press the power button to charge your phone

8,000mAh portable power bank: Equipped with fast-charge USB-A & USB-C ports to keep your devices running while you're on the go

Universal compatibility: Can charge almost any device

Jumpstart dead batteries: Engines up to 6.0L & diesel engines up to 3.0L

Intel-Step Jump Guide: See real-time step-by-step jump-starting instructions & safety notifications on the integrated LCD screen

Integrated LED lights: Choose flash, strobe, or emergency S.O.S. light patterns to make your position known on the road

NOTE: 18W is NOT included



Color: Black
Dimensions: 1.34”H x 6.14”L x 3.5W”
Weight: 0.97lbs (439g)
Internal battery: Lithium-ion
Battery capacity: 29.6Wh
Watt hours: 29.6Wh
Charging options: USB-C + USB-A + Qi wireless
Charging time:

4-5 hours (5V 2A input)
2-2.5 hours (18W USB-C input)


USB-C: 5V-3A
USB-A: 5V-3A/9V-2A

Wireless charging output: up to 10W

Micro USB: 5V 2A
USB-C: 5V-3A / 9V-2A

Lumens: 70
Jump start current: 400A
Operating temperature: -20ºC ~ 34ºC / -4ºF ~ 93ºF
Storage temperature: -20ºC ~ 40ºC / -4ºF ~ 104ºF (avg. temp.)
Charging temperature: 0ºC ~ 34ºC / 32ºF ~ 93ºF
Splash-resistant: IP64 (with ports covered)
UL certified
Integrated power bank
Built-in emergency light


1x TYPE S 12V 6.0L Battery Jump Starter with Built-in MFi Certified Lightning Cable & LCD Display and 8,000mAh Qi Power Bank (Black)
1x 12V USB & Micro USB Charging Cable
1x Safe & Smart Jumper Cables
1x Storage Case

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