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Ukrainian Government Networks Infected With OfflRouter Malware Since 2015

The OfflRouter malware has plagued Ukrainian networks for years despite the country's efforts to combat cyber threats. First discovered in 2018, the malware has been used by threat actors to launch campaigns against Ukrainian targets. Cisco Talos, a research team, recently released a report that sheds light on the extent of the malware's impact on Ukrainian networks.

What is OfflRouter Malware?

OfflRouter is a malware strain designed to give attackers remote access to infected systems. It is a trojan capable of executing commands, stealing data, and modifying files on infected systems. The malware is usually delivered via phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or links to infected websites.

How Did Cisco Talos Discover the Malware?

Cisco Talos' findings are based on analyzing over 100 confidential documents infected with the VBA macro virus and uploaded to the VirusTotal malware scanning platform. The documents, which were written in Ukrainian and , contained VBA code to drop and run an executable named ‘ctrlpanel.exe.' Given the language used in the documents, the researchers suspect that the malware was created by a -speaking threat actor.

Impact on Ukrainian Networks

According to Cisco Talos, the OfflRouter malware has been infecting Ukrainian government networks since at least 2015. The malware has been used to steal sensitive data and launch campaigns against Ukrainian targets. The researchers believe that the malware is still active and that Ukrainian government networks are at risk of being compromised.

The OfflRouter malware is a significant threat to Ukrainian government networks, and its impact has been felt for years. The Ukrainian government has been struggling to combat cyber threats, and the discovery of this malware strain underscores the urgent need for more robust measures. Ukrainian officials must immediately secure their networks and protect sensitive data from cybercriminals.

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