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Update miniOrange Plugins Immediately to Prevent Website Hacking

Two popular WordPress plugins, Scanner, and Application Firewall, have recently been found to have a that could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a website. This exists in versions 4.8.1 and below of the Scanner plugin and 5.1.1 and below of the Application Firewall plugin.

The arises from a lack of input sanitization in the plugins' file upload functionality. An attacker could exploit this weakness and upload a malicious file to the website. Once the file is uploaded, the attacker could execute it, potentially gaining control of the website and its data.

The developers of the plugin miniOrange have been made aware of the and have released updates to fix the issue. They are urging all users of these plugins to update to the latest versions, Scanner 4.8.2 and Application Firewall 5.1.2, as soon as possible. Additionally, they recommend that users delete the plugins from their websites if they are not actively using them to mitigate the risk of exploitation further.

Suppose you are using either of these plugins on your WordPress website. In that case, updating to the latest versions or deleting them immediately is essential to protect your website from potential attacks. You should regularly update all plugins and themes on your website to ensure you use the most secure versions. By taking these steps, you can help ensure your website's security and protect it against potential threats.

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