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Windows, A Nuisance?

Suppose you are someone who is looking to install 11. In that case, you may be interested in performing a “clean install” to remove unnecessary software and bloatware. Fortunately, has made this process easier with multiple official ways to download and create an installation disk.

However, it's important to note that has been adding new apps and services into more and more parts of the core experience, which can result in a cluttered operating system with unnecessary notifications, services, and unasked-for apps.

While it's worth noting that eliminating built-in components can cause unexpected compatibility and security problems, it's essential to understand that 11's setup process includes a mandatory account sign-in. This may be a contentious issue for some users, as there are no readily apparent “limited account” fallback options like in 10.

If you prefer to avoid signing in with a account, it's recommended for two reasons. Firstly, you may want something other than a Microsoft account and avoid being targeted for Microsoft 365, OneDrive, or Game Pass subscription upsells. Secondly, use a Microsoft account because it offers valuable benefits like automated encryption of your local drive or syncing of browser information and preferences. However, it's still advisable to avoid signing in during setup if you're testing something or prefer your user account to be local.

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