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WordPress Popup Builder Plugin Exploited in Malware Campaign: 3,900 Sites Infected, CVE-2023-6000 Vulnerability Used

A recent campaign has been detected to a critical security flaw in the Popup Builder plugin for . This campaign is injecting malicious JavaScript code into vulnerable websites. According to Sucuri, a well-known firm, over 3,900 websites have been affected by this attack in the past three weeks. The attack is being orchestrated from newly registered domains from February 12th, 2024.

This vulnerability, known as -2023-6000, enables attackers to create unauthorized admin users and install harmful plugins on vulnerable websites. The same flaw was previously exploited in the Balada Injector campaign, which affected over 7,000 sites in January.

The current campaign injects two different malicious code variants into vulnerable websites, redirecting visitors to and scam pages. Website owners who use are advised to keep their plugins updated and regularly scan their websites for suspicious code or users. It is also important to keep website software up-to-date to avoid such attacks in the future.

In a separate incident, a high-severity bug was discovered in the Ultimate Member plugin, which could allow unauthenticated attackers to inject malicious scripts into vulnerable websites. The flaw has been fixed in the latest version of the plugin. This follows the discovery of a similar vulnerability in the Avada theme, which allowed attackers to execute malicious code remotely.

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