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YOSUDA Pro-R Magnetic Exercise Bike for $499

Expires March 13, 2124, 22:56 PST – Buy now and get 37% off


Ride miles even in the comfort of your home with the YOSUDA Pro-R Magnetic . It's sturdy, adjustable, and can hold up to 360lbs. Perfect for doing the most demanding workouts! With a 40lb flywheel and a belt-driven system, it's quiet and smooth. It also has a device holder that keeps your phone or secure. The bike is adjustable for people 4'8″ to 6'1″, and the included weight holders let you add upper-body training to your routine. Say goodbye to flimsy tablets or phone holders on your bikes! Pro-R also has a device holder to keep your , phone, or laptop secured while working out.

Magnetic drive system: Delivers an almost noiseless while cycling

Stable & durable: Has a max weight capacity of 360lbs, designed for the most demanding workouts

4-way seat: Has both vertical & horizontal level settings, so as the handlebar

40lb high inertia flywheel: Offers smooth, silent, fluid & stable riding and the authentic feel of the road

Dumbbell holder: Helps to incorporate upper-body training into your fitness routine

Resistance brake: Easily adjusted by toggling up & down

Handlebars: Rubberized & non-slip to enhance grip and feel

Device holder: Keeps your , phone, or laptop secure



Color: black
Material: alloy steel
Assembled dimensions: 48.81″ x 21.25″ x 52.36″
Weight: 103.61lbs
Resistance system: magnetic
Weight capacity: 360lbs
High inertia flywheel: 45lbs
Adjustability seat: up/down, front/back
Adjustable handlebar: up/down, front/back
Inseam height: 29″ -36″


YOSUDA Pro-R Magnetic (Pro-R)

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